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Das iPad Mini 4 mit der Modellnummer A1583 hat die gleiche Power wie das iPad Air 2 in kleinerem Format. Es wurde am 9. September 2015 angekündigt.

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Using iPad mini 3 glass on iPad mini 4 repair?

What it be possible to purchase the iPad 3 glass replacement, remove the digitizer, and use it to replace just the glass on an iPad 4?

Obviously this would be a bit of a hack job. But could it work??

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This would be such a difficult repair, one removing that glass from the iPad 4 screen would be nearly impossible with out some very expensive tools to prevent the LCD from damage, during the glass removal and then removing the glue. If for some crazy chance you do get the glass off then just purchase the glass for the iPad 4 and you would be all set. Good luck!!!

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