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The HTC Desire 700 Dual Sim has a 5in qHD display with a quad core 1.2 gH processor.

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Phone is not getting charged and getting turned on?

My phone was not getting charged when I plugged in the charging cable...the battery was 75% at that time...I thought I will switch it off to again switch on but it won't happen... It is not charging and not getting switched on also and there is not light also..no orange no green...Please help

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1 Antwort

Hi Deveta

Maybe your battery is faulty. If you could replace the battery with good one and see if it turn on.

Good luck

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Hi...actually i got it checked ..there was no major issue..it only required a booster for the battery and ya it is working perfectly fine without loosing any data


So maybe you have software problem. If you could find someone to repair the software it may work. good luck


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