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power drops when disconnected from charger


a while ago I droped my iPod i water (with salt). After a some time it started to react but then froze.

I have now managed to take it apart, and have cleaned the logic board a little.

After putting it back together the navigating works again :) but only when the iPod is connected to my separate usb-charger :(

When I pull the plug the screen switches off, and when I reconnect to the charger, the iPod reboots.

When I switch it off while connected to charger, the display shows the "charging grafic".

Before I took it apart it only reacted to the hold-button, but the power didn't drop like that. Logic says I have made some mistake when reassembling, but it confuses me that all works with power from charger.

any suggestions?

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Your battery is dead or not connected properly.

Try to open it up and reconnect the battery.

If that doesn't help your battery is dead.


If you have a multimeter (or know someone working with electronics) you can check of it holds any charge at all.

Ps 2.

When dropped in salt water a lot of stuff can fail. But reading that it used to work before you opened it my guess is that you didn't connect it back properly.

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thanks rousp!

- the battery seemed to hold some charge before I took it apart, so I will go along with your guess.

When I disconnected the battery, I didn't find any release mechanisme so I just pulled the ribbon-cable from the socket. But that makes me uncertain about reconnecting: should some mechanisme be opened first?


Yes, there is a locking bar on the connector. Usually on the top. Use a spudger to release it and then lock it again.

That procedure is needed to reseat the ribbon cable properly. But I must admit that I always just pull them out like you did.. Don't know if it's a smart thing to do though...

In other words, I don't think your battery is connected properly. Open the iPod and reconnect it. Please accept the answer if it proves right.


thanks again I found the mechanisme, but same result :( I've ordered a new battery, and will let you know if that solves the problem.


Thanks, good luck!


update: my iPod is now playing my music-files with a fully charged battery :))) the diagnosis is still a bit uncertain, though: After incerting a new battery, the iPod went back to the state of partly malfunctioning as before it froze and I took it apart: it showed an almost empty battery imediatly after having showed fully charged. But it would allow me to sync it again. I then took it apart and rubbed the logicboard some more with a soft stick (wood). That seems to have done the trick. But to test it I will have to see if it now works with the old battery but that might never happen.


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