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The HP Slate 7 Plus was released December 2013 and runs on Android 4.2.2.

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My tablet can't be turned on even after charged

Well, my HP Slate 7 Plus can't be turned on after I charged it for a long time. At first, the HP logo appeared and kept flashing. But now it just has a black screen and can't be turned on. Please help coz I have to use it for my examination next month:(

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Where do I contact to get it fixed


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The slope to black makes me think your charging cable is dead, and your battery is completely drained to 0%.

Do you have access to another charging cable?

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You are fantastic! The black display problem solved totally but now it's dead again when I changed the wallpaper


No I dont have another charging cable And I tried charging with another charger and I didn't work


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