Digitizer not responding and won't charge or recognize on computer

Hey all,

Just trying to repair this ipod I bought from a lady that said it didn't work. Well, first thing i noticed when I cracked it open was that the LCD was disconnected. So, I plugged that in and then started charging it from the wall outlet. Got to full battery and it is staying charged, so i hooked up a new digitizer to see if I could get a little further, but it is not responding. The home button works just fine, and the power button is a little spotty, but operational. Next, I hooked it up to the PC and it doesn't recognize that it's been connected at all, not even a charging sign. So, I guess my question is this....What would allow the ipod to charge from a wall outlet, but not the computer? That doesn't seem like a dock connection problem to me, but maybe?? And why wouldn't the touch part of the screen work on a known correctly functioning digitizer? Anyone have any experience with these issues?

Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance!!

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Looks like there might be some battery acid or something on the lower logic board. I'm guessing this is probably what is wrong, but I'm going to dig further into it. Still, any input is helpful.



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