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The Samsung Moment SPH M900 was Android's first device. Carried only by Sprint. Released November of 2009.

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Why won't my camera work?

Every time I go to take a picture, nothing happens. The button doesn't make a clicking noise.

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This is a difficult problem with many possible causes. While you may end up having to send your phone in to Samsung for repair or replacement, there are several options you can try at home before taking this step. They include:

a) Go into your phone settings, select app manager, and find the tab for your camera app. Clear your cache and restart your phone. Try using the camera again to see if it successfully restarted.

b) Remove your phone's sim card. Restart the phone and attempt to open the camera.

If neither of these strategies are effective, you can either manually replace the phone's camera, or send it in to Samsung for repair.

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