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A 16 megapixel resolution video camera made by Bell and Howell. It was manufactured in 2011.

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Why won’t my camera turn on?

I just bought the camera and it won't turn on.

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Reasons that your camera might not be turning on could include problems with the battery. For example, the battery could be running low or the battery itself may not be getting detected. Another reason is that your charging cable may not be operational and can not charge your camera’s battery. It is also possible that your camera is on but you’ve forgotten to take the lens cap off so it appears the camera is not on.

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If the camera itself is not turning on the first cause would be a problem with the battery. If the battery is not charged it might cause the camera to turn on but if it is charged then it could be a dead cell on the battery or a missed connection from the battery to the camera.

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