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Retina Display replacement: whole assembly or just screen?

Hello, I need to replace a broken display on the Macbook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2014 A1398 with Retina Display. iFixit has a guide only for the display assembly, not just the screen itself. Is this because only replacing the screen is undoable? Thank you! Charles

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That is the general POV I have gathered across the web, despite there being a couple of Youtube videos showing how to do it on "similar" but not on a mid 2014 model that I am working with. Thanks to both of you for responding! Charles


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The screen cover glass on the Retina models is extremely thin, and is essentially impossible to perform with the amount of adhesive that Apple has smushed into the display assembly (why do you do this Apple?). While some people have been able to successfully disassemble the display assembly, it's extremely difficult, time consuming, and if you do it wrong, it becomes a really expensive paperweight (I'm exaggerating but you get the idea).

Sorry, but the entire display assembly has to be replaced at once. :(

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Just replace the whole assembly, it's too difficult to refurbish the display assembly with a new LCD

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