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The Dremel 8220 variable-speed cordless rotary tool offers the highest performance of all Dremel cordless rotary tools. Released Date: June 22, 2012

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Why is my Dremel overheating?

So I've been using this device for about 3 hours and within that time I needed to charge the battery. When i did that I used it again right after and while I was using it, the device seemed very hot, the battery specifically. What's wrong with my device?

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My flex shaft is getting hot, not the actual Dremel. The flex spring is very hot after about 10 minutes of operation.


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1. You used the device for a long period of time and the battery really got hot, just turn it off and use it again after 20-30 min.

2. Your fan that cools the device might be broken. The fan is what cools the device and stops it from overheating. If broken just remove the fan and add a new one in.

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I live in an Apartment- I found out on mine, It was my problem… I was runing it at to low of Speed. To keep the sound down….. End of my motor.

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