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A 2-in-1 coffee pot/individual cup coffee maker made by Hamilton Beach. This page covers the model number 49980A.

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Why is there coffee sediment in my cup after brewing?

After making coffee, it runs through the machine and into the coffee pot. Unwanted sediment is then left at the bottom of the cup. How do I stop this from happening?

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This is most likely caused by the quality of the filter being used. By using a disposable paper filter instead of a permanent metal mesh filter, the coffee is going through a finer filter, preventing grinds from getting through.

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The grinds are not getting through the filter. The water is coming into the filter with such force it's driving the grounds over the edge &causing them to enter the cup from the edges of the filter. I've tried to add a disposable coffee filter to the filter cup, but it's way to large & needs to be shoved into the brewer. A disposable paper filter is not make in the proper size; is it?


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