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The HTC Desire 510 Android smartphone was announced August 2014.

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My Screen broken inside

Someone please tell me the language for parts on these phones. Digitizer? LCD screen? My screen has broken internally from stress.I sat on it. Do I need to buy a LCD screen or digitizer or what?

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Hi @steelbender the internal screen is your lcd screen but just to make things less confusing I found you both the digitizer and lcd screen together for a very good price so here is the link http://www.repairpartsplus.com/Replaceme... just for reference replacing the lcd screen with the digitizer is alot easier than trying to separate the two pieces because they are usually fused together I hope this answers your question.

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@steelbender There are 3 differenmt parts to most screens there is the glass which is the outer protective layer next comes the digitizer , this is what make the touch function on the phone work . it is often one piece with the glass. and the final layer is the LCD which is what makes your picture and is usually the most expensive part of the display. with some phone you can buy individual levels and some the display comes as one piece . if you do want to replace them on an individual level it usually requires heat to seperate the layers as they are glued together. So to diagnose your phone if the touch function does not work and you have a good picture you just need a digitizer but if the picture is gone you need an LCD if the glass is broke but you have a good picture and the touch function works you need only replace the glass. Hope this explanation helps

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