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Touchscreen failing after minutes

Ok so I was asked to replace the screen and missing home button on a 6 plus, it was in a bad way and only part of the screen showed anything and the touch was not working, I replaced the screen and home button and tested as best I could as the phone was trying to verify an update but the accessibility dot did work and move about, the client took it home and got the update the the welcome screen when the touch stopped working, they brought it round and I refitted the screen checking it's fully connected and it works again for a few minutes then stops, I disconnected everything again and examined the connections and they look fine, when I refitted again it works but I noticed the shielding just down from the connections is getting very hot, is this a sign of damage from the original drop or is it possible the screen or home button is causing the issue?

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Which part specifically? Is it the metal plating on the logic board at the top side or is it on the metal flex cable cover that covers the front display flex cables?


Plating on logic board below the screen connection area


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Sounds like one of the touch IC chip has failed, and yes it's related to the phone being dropped. There is a known problem with the touch IC chips having oxidized pads under the chip cousing the solder to fracture or a poor solder joint.

The only fix is replacing they touch IC chip. You would need to send it out for repair if you don't have the necessary equipment or skill level to perform that repair.

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That was my thinking, nice to get others opinions :-)


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