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This instant camera from Fujifilm now boasts a slimmer and lighter body than previous revisions. The Mini 8 helps the photographer by alerting them the recommended aperture. It also has a High-Key flash mode which helps the photographer attain soft portraits for a stunning look.

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Camara don't turn on

I haven't used my istamax mini 8 for some time and forget to take the battery out. And now when I try to use it, it doesn't work. There is no red light and film rolling don't function. I change new battery already. What can I do now? Please help!

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The contacts in the battery compartment may be dirty or corroded.

  • Open the battery compartment, take the batteries out and check the condition of the contacts.
  • A pencil eraser works well for cleaning contacts.
  • If the contacts are clearly corroded, they may be cleaned with fine emery paper. Note however that heavy corrosion indicates that the old batteries have leaked acid, and this may have damaged the camera's electronics beyond the battery compartment. If this is the case, the camera won't work no matter what you try, and must be repaired.
  • Put the batteries back in, observe correct polarity as noted on battery compartment.

If the camera still refuses to to work

  • Make sure the batteries are indeed new, and fresh. New batteries that have been kept on the shelf for 5 years may no longer be usable.
  • Use premium quality alkaline batteries only. Cheap flashlight batteries are not suitable.
  • Beware of counterfeit (fake) batteries. These look exactly like premium quality batteries from well-known brands, but are of much inferior performance. They are widely sold at convenience stores and such. Make sure you buy your batteries from a reliable retailer.

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If there is some corrosion on the battery contact, use a small amount of white vinegar on the end of cotton swab. Gently wipe away any of the white material.


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May not apply to your situation but my camera was dropped:

I just took my Instax Mini 9 apart (not sure if 8 is the same). The button on the outside of the camera that turns it on basically pushes a black piece of plastic against a spring and triggers a silver piece that looks like a small wrench. That "small wrench" is what triggers the lens to pop out. Sorry, very non-technical. I have no clue what the actual part names are. Anyway, the black piece of plastic had broken and was no longer triggering the wrench piece, therefore not popping the lens out and not turning the camera on. I hit a dead end on getting a replacement part, so I used super glue, put everything back together and it's working great.

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How did you take it apart? I think I have the same problem because when I lightly shake my Instax Mini 9 I hear something small rattling in there, and I think it's the small wrench you were talking about. My lense won't pop out probably because of this.


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