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No cold water if hot water is turned on first.

As it states, if I turn on the hot water first, the cold water doesn't come through. I have to turn off the hot water, let the cold water come through, then turn the hot water back on and get the temperature I want.

I also have very little hot water pressure.

Ideas? Shower head problem? Pipes?

None of the other taps in the house have this problem.

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Hi, Have you checked the tap washers in both taps? What is the hot water pressure like in your other hot taps? What is the cold water pressure like in your shower? There may be a water saving flow restricter in the showerhead which limits the flow of water. What type of hot water system do you have, mains pressure storage tank, gravity fed storage tank, instantaneous etc?


Hi jayeff. Thank you for your reply.

This is a recent problem. We've never had it before. The whole bathroom was new as of almost two years ago. Always had good pressure from both taps in the shower.

I will check the washers in the taps. We have a mains pressure water tank. But hot water pressure is fine in the kitchen, bathroom sink and laundry. Same goes for the cold. The cold water pressure in the shower is fine also.

My partner pulled the shower head off tonight and says there's no problem there.



Hi, Might be a bit wet and be careful, but when you go to check the hot water tap washer, after you have removed the tap, turn the hot water tank tap back on, you probably also have to turn on the house mains as well to get the pressure so don't remove the cold water tap before your try this. Don't stand in the shower in front of the tap fitting With the tap removed, the water should gush out of the tap fitting. BE CAREFUL IT WILL BE HOT. If there is a blockage of any sort in the pipe hopefully it may be cleared especially with the washer out of the way. Just a thought.


Thank you :) We'll give it a go


Hi Jayeff,

So the problem still exists... Seems to be deeper into the pipes. We took the taps off and took everything out, and the pressure is still very dismal :(


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Kristen , If your shower is running off a single handle fixture for the hot and cold supply, the fixture supply valve/cartridge may be at fault and may have to be changed to correct the problem. Google your fixture for replacement cartridge and installation instruction. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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