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Das Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ist eine Kombination aus Mobiltelefon und Tablet von der Firma Samsung. Es kam im August 2015 auf den Markt.

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Any way to fix water damage?

Phone was dropped in dilute robinsons for an indeterminate amount of time, any help would be appreciated.

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1. Open your device and tear it down completely and clean with 99% isopropyl alcohol and soft toothbrush. Pay attention to areas with corrosion and clean that. Take your time and clean thoroughly. Let phone dry out naturally. Use the iFixit guide to get to the components Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Repair .

2. You might need a new battery.

3. Reassemble it and cross your fingers.

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Rice as a desiccant is an absolute fallacy. Stating something like this is the fastest way to get flamed on this site. Just do a search on this site for rice.


I first saw it in this accepted answers. Water damage after put in washer Then I found this controversial debate.


Before you start answering questions, spend a couple of days reading good answers from the top contributors. There's a lot of very bad advice on the site and not enough knowledgeable people to clean up all the mess. Try not to become part of the problem, research you answers. It is a learning process and takes a while to learn to do properly, just like anything else in life. Kind of like learning to cook rice and what the ratios of rice to water are for different types.

Read this on rice: https://meta.ifixit.com/Answers/View/763...


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