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Released 2015, identified by model number Z812.

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Why isnt my phone taking a charge when it is plugged in?

My phone recently doesn't want to take a charge with any cord but i would have to move the cord around for it take a charge.

Can anybody help?

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Charger stem won't take a charge

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the wires where they meet between the charger end and the port on the phone arent linining up because over time they get bent and break ,if its in the port on the phone you need to get a new phone after a while it will break and unless you can swap out and solder a usb port you should start backing up your phne filles ,if its the cord with bent terminal wires replacing thats no problem


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I learned with my maven that of u switch to a lower voltage like a old house charger instead of USB charger works great mine would die and the old chargers was the only way to get it back on

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