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Zweite iPhone Generation. Modell A1241 mit 8 oder 16 GB Kapazität und schwarzer oder weißer Kunststoff-Rückseite. Die Reparatur ist leichter zu bewerkstelligen als beim iPhone 1. Es werden Schraubendreher, Hebelwerkzeuge und Saugnäpfe benötigt.

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Screen, touch panel, home button, and lock button don't work.

Sorry for the really long question, but I really need help -

The other day I bought a screen from the internet (maybe not buying from ifixit is my problem) and after about 24 hours of it being installed and working, the screen began to fade and then it went completely black. I switched it with the screen of another iphone that I had that was working just fine and the working screen just displayed black like the other one. When I put the broken screen into the working iphone, the screen displayed black as well. I also don't think that the home button, the lock button and the touch panel is working because I can't unlock the phone (the audio still works so I would be able to hear it) but I can't be sure because I don't have a screen! The iphone still connects to itunes and I have restored it many times to no avail. It seems to me like maybe the ribbon cable adapters don't work, but I'm not really sure if that is possible. Thank you for reading so much and I appreciate any help.

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ok starting with the lcd screen right? u may have bought a faulty one check all the prongs on the motherboard same for cable number 1 and 2. make sure all the little tiny metal prongs are there if there is even one missing the screens could malfunction. then if thats not it then check the connectors on the cables. u said that the lock button doesnt work either that may be because cable number 5 ( the one that it plugs into is broken check that out. how did all these all these malfunctions happen??

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