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Angekündigt am 22. Oktober und erschienen am 13. November 2013. Das iPad mini 2 bringt die Pixelanzahl des iPad Air auf nur 7,9 Zoll unter.

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Ipad mini 2 lock & home button not working after digitiser replacement


I have replaced the entire front assembly on my ipad mini 2 (home button & IC chip) and now the lock button only powers on and off the device, it does not lock the device. Also, the home button doesnt work, at all. The touch is also glitchy, doing things by itself or making it hard to do things.

Does this mean the screen is faulty or it hasnt been installed correctly?


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The lock button isnt working correctly because of some bad soldering on the new glass. it is where the home button flex joins to the flex on the glass and eventually down to the connector to the main motherboard. it is possible to peel it apart gently and rework the solder connections if youre feeling skilled. The erratic touchscreen response may be due to exposed digitiser connections at the bottom of the glass. normally, i use heatproof tape to cover the row of touchscreen connections on the bottom left when looking at the back of the glass .

Once this is done, another piece of tape over the exposed components of the home button flex part will prevent a home button actuation when you put pressure on the bottom of the ipad.

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This is usually due to a problem with the home button part of the assembly. It is linked to the power button.

It could be just outright faulty. Or something is earthing on the frame. Make sure all the components on the back of the digitizer assembly down the bottom have tape over them (capton tape... or anything non conductive).

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Probably the touchscreen has problem and you need a new touchscreen. If you are sure that the touchscreen is good quality and there is no problem with it than check the components around touch and lcd connectors.

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Facing similar issue, glass replacement on ipad mini2 went off without a hitch.

However the home button does not work. Rechecked the install and everything is properly in its place.everything works with the exception of the home button which came installed already on the glass.

(I assume its a faulty glass assembly at this point.)


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problem found and fixed --- on the inside of the digitizer by the home button there are some exposed contacts. Cover them with the black tape from the old glass and it works like a dream.



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