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The PowerLead Puto PLD003 is a slim, easy to use HD video camera. This camera weights in at less than a pound and is great for beginners.

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Why won't my computer detect the camera?

When I connect the camera to my computer via USB cable, the computer does not detect the camera, why?

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The camera drivers is probably not installed on your computers. So you will have to more then likely download the software to your computer that is meant for your camera.

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That camera driver really isn’t the issue.

Your computer, by default, tells itself to turn off power to usb ports to conserve power.

Go to your device manager, right mouse on all the usb stuff and uncheck the box about allowing the computer to turn off power to the usb hubs.

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Glen Cuneo good answer but you do realize this question is 5 1/2 years old. So you may not get a response or confirmation on this solution. Just saying…:-)


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