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Can I replace the hinge set only?

I have a Mid 2012 Macbook Air 13" (A1466 | 5,2 Model). The hinges on this machine is loose so if I am doing anything in the car while someone else is driving, the screen falls all the way to the back position over every bump.

Is there a way to just replace the hinges on this model or would I have to replace the whole screen?

Thanks in advance of your help!

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Have you tried just tightening the screws? The ones starting at step #32 of this guide: MacBook Air 13" Mitte 2012 Displayeinheit austauschen

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I have the same Air and same problem. I've tightened the screws on the hinge and this helped a little when I did it about a year ago, but now it's back to flopping open and closed when not very upright and I can't tighten any more.

Does replacing these hinges involve de-gluing the bezel and such to disconnect the display cable? If so, can I just replace one hinge (with the antenna) so I don't have to disassemble the entire display to replace both?

Also, what year displays are interchangeable? I know the later A1466 have slightly different motherboard layouts. Can I use a later model complete display swap or will the cables to the motherboard not reach their connectors?


Thanks for the reply, but I wasn't referring to an A1369. The MBA logic board on my mid-2012 (A1466) is actually slightly different than the later A1466. Some cables are different. I understood that I would have to replace some internal cabling if I swapped motherboards to a, say, early 2014 A1466 MBA logic board. My question was around the display/antenna/camera cables and if they are different.... if not, it should swap with any A1466.

Also, still interested to know if I can replace those hinges w/o the entire display rip-apart...


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After doing a lot of digging around and Youtubing it seems the hinge replacement requires the removal of the screen bezel and nearly complete disassembly of the screen panel… not an easy job, but possible. Looking at videos showing how to replace the LCD from the screen panel it’s apparent that both hinges have cables which go behind the bezel to connect.

Search for LCD panel replacement Macbook Air and you’ll be able to find a few such videos.

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