Black screen and possible bricking from custom firmware

I bought a Wii off eBay with the idea to fix is up and sell it. There was no description as to what was wrong with it and sadly I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked it up. I only spent $15 on it but figured why not try.

After doing a bit of easy diagnosing, turns out the system turns on but it's stuck at a black screen. From my research this appears to be a bricked unit from someone trying to install some custom firmware. Unfortunately I don't have any details as to what was installed (or attempted to install) and can't get any clear information on a fix.

Has anyone had any luck restoring a "bricked" unit to factory settings and in working order? If so, what were the steps you took or what site did you use to fix this? I'm looking around for ways to restore the Wii to it's original startup but cannot find any NAND to use or how to go about doing this.

Thanks for any help anyone give me on this.

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It could also be a graphics issue... Sync a controller (if you can) and point it across the screen, it should vibrate when you "mouse" over channels,


I've tried syncing a controller before. Unfortunately, it won't take. This is what has lead me to believe it's bricked from a custom firmware attempt.


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