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A laptop by Lenovo, commonly found in offices all over the world.

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Why is my screen only seeable on the left hand side?

Hi, I own a Lenovo ThinkPad T410 and my screen is viewable on the left hand side, while the middle has a white line with black spots and behind that white line is a white screen, and the right hand side is black but I can see the time and charge on it, I'm using Windows 10, what should I do?

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Try starting your laptop in 'safe mode' and see if the display is normal. Here is a link that shows you how.


If the display is normal you may have a problem with your display adapter drivers.

If the display is still faulty in safe mode connect an external monitor and see what the display is like.

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That just made it worse!


Hi @ashwath6531 ,

OK but at least you have more information now and the answer above was not a "total fix" for the problem.

You have to find out what works and what doesn't and when so you can determine what is wrong

Have you got an external monitor connected to the laptop and what does it show when the laptop is on?


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