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Laptops manufactured by Dynabook (formerly Toshiba). Toshiba has since transferred 100% ownership of the laptop business to Sharp.

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How confirm which side's problem when keyboard not working?


I have a Toshiba A200 laptop and it has problem that some keys not working.

Not working keys are F7, 7, U, J, M. It's in a column. So I can assume matrix is broken.

What I wonder is, how to confirm it's a problem of which side. Keyboard part? or mobo part?

Because it looks like keyboard part's problem, but I guess when pin of connector or line in mobo is broken should have same symptom.

I have a multimeter, so I can check disconnection some line or pin if I know which part I should.

Please help me how to check.

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It would be more logical to think that the problem is within the keyboard rather than on the motherboard, as there is pressure being placed on the keyboard by typing, rather than the motherboard.

Here is a link which shows the replacement of the keyboard in your laptop. As you can see the keyboard is very thin and more liable to problems of breakage than a motherboard.

The preferred option with laptop keyboards is to replace them as you are likely to create more problems than you will solve in trying to fix it.


In the meantime, if it is convenient, plug in and use a USB keyboard.

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