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Vierte iPad Generation mit GSM, erhältlich seit dem 2. November 2012 mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität. Modellnummerb A1459.

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Why can't I get 100% charge anymore?

I keep my Ipad 4th generation model A1459 on my nightstand 99% of the time and leave it connected to the charger. It has been staying at 100% full charge. Some days, when I take it off and use it, it drops to 90% charge and then goes back to full charge after being connected to the charger. I noticed today that it is only 93% charged even though it has been connected to the charger for several days. What could be the reason it is not fully charged ? Could this be a problem with the charger or the battery ?

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Try leaving your laptop on and drain the battery to zero, then charge it back up to 100%. If this doesn't work, them you might need a new charger. It isn't a good idea to keep a device connected to a power source all the time. Doing so can result in a device overheating and causing problems with thr internal workings if a device. Hope this helps.

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