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A laptop by Lenovo, commonly found in offices all over the world.

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My screen turns off when I turn it on

Hi, Continuing from my previous question, when I try to turn it on, there's a distorted ThinkPad screen (please refer to my previous question incase you're wondering) for 1.5 seconds then turns off, as I mentioned I use Windows 10.

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@ashwath6531 sounds like you may actually have a bad screen. Try to attach an external monitor and see what that display. It may also be a driver issue since the Lenovo should be pre-loaded with Win7 so you may have incompatibility issues. According to Lenovo and the Windows 10 compatibility the Nvidia NVS 3100M display is not supported. So looks like Windows 10 is not supported on T410s. Let us know what you find when you attach an external monitor.

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@oldturkey03 What's an external monitor? Is it like a desktop monitor?


Yes like a desktop monitor. Your Lenovo has a plug for a VGA monitor so you can check your display.


Please don't tell me I have to buy an external monitor, I only have just a Lenovo Think pad t410 @oldturkey03


I did not realize that there is nobody where you could hook up tyo just to check it out. No you do not have to buy one just for this. Since there is a possibility that this is caused by an OS incompatibility issue, download a Linux Live CD (I prefer Puppy Linux) and run it on your Lenovo. See if that clears the screen. then you know it is the OS.


@oldturkey03 I have to download it from the Web? And it's free? Well in that case how am I supposed to open the Web when I can't even turn the laptop on properly?


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