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Das Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ist eine Kombination aus Mobiltelefon und Tablet von der Firma Samsung. Es kam im August 2015 auf den Markt.

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S pen doesn't work properly after water damage

I would like to know, which component is responsible for the S-pen's function in relation to the screen.

After forgetting the phone in the sink while washing the dishes, I opened up the phone, cleared all the water with isopropyl alcohol and scrubbed any forming corrosion, everything works fine, however, the right and bottom edges of the phone do not respond to the S-pen.

In addition, I did have to change the charging dock assembly because I broke it in the process of opening it and had to lift the screen. And the screen did have significant amounts of water exposed to it.

Will a full LCD and touch digitiser replacement fix the S-pen dysfunction or is it something to do on the logic board?

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The screen is not what makes the S Pen work. It is the magnetic field that powers it is also used to calculate its position . So this would not fix the issue for you.

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Hello Andryson, As you may know liquid damage to an electrical device is a nightmare. I assume the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was on at the time of damage, which even though you have used the Isopropyl alcohol it may have arched on the logic board.

Lets talk about the Digitiser / LCD Screen Assembly - the fact the S-Pen works on the rest of the screen apart from the Right and Bottom Edge suggests that there is more a fault with the screen as the function works just not in those areas.

If a new screen still exhibits this fault then it may well be a logic board fault, as you can understand the chips are highly sensitive as there has been/is corrosion on the Logic board you may find that the IC for the S-Pen has been damaged which will lead to the fault. I would suggest you check all the contacts for damage, and if need be repair the solder connections if there is notable corrosion or burnt out contacts.

Hopefully this helps, let me know how you get on.

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