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Das iPhone 6 Plus mit dem 5,5 Zoll Display ist die größere Version des iPhone 6 und seit dem 19. September 2014 auf dem Markt.

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Possibly a glitching screen

Hi all,

I have a iPhone 6 plus (White) A1522 and I think it has a glitching screen. When I try to use it the digitizer seems to be dead and the top is flickering white. I think I know what the problem is but I want to make sure before I spend the $$ on it.


Update (05/21/2016)

This is what the display looks like.

Block Image

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Looks like you have a failed broadcom touch controller. Apple denies this problem even exists and offers no resolution to their customers who each paid $800 for that phone (at least) even though they nearly always fail at about 14 months old. Just outside of their one year warranty. They will tell you they will replace your device with a "refurbished" one for $329. Their "refurbished" phones are the phones that came to them as "unrepairable" just like yours plus the water damaged ones, ones that were smashed by a car, etc. The replacement phones often give the exact same problem within weeks of replacement. They don't see where there is a problem with the 6 plus but they moved and changed the way that chip is attached to the board on the 6s plus...

Now that my rant is over...

The chip can be replaced, a quality 3rd party phone repair shop will be able to replace it. If the repair shop says its not fixable, smile and thank them for their time and go find a quality repair shop... The new chip will eventually also fail, it is a problem with the placement and how its placed. the phone flexes and twists in that area breaking the connection between the board and that chip.

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I'm having the same problem and wanted to know if it is as simple a fix as replacing the entire screen or is that just a useless gesture. I know this post is dated however I'm hoping for answer... Fingers crossed


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Above answer is right . Touch ic disease for sure on this one

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Hi Vaughn, this is a fault that I have come across quite a lot, this is pertaining to the Touch IC chip's it is a manufacturing fault, and Apple should cover it as long as there is no physical damage and it is a known fault with the iPhone 6 Plus, I am unsure about Apple denying the existence of the fault as I have sent customers to Apple with this fault as my Specialist isn't well versed with this circuit board fault repair and I have followed up to find Apple had given them a new phone.

The problem with this fault is that it can happen at any time of the iPhones life, granted physical damage, dropping the device does tend to speed the process up, which makes it a nightmare for the warranty on the device..

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Alright. I will take it to apple in the morning. When I hold the phone for a while it works fine. Just when it starts does it make this weird white lines at the top.

Also the iPhone is just out of the warranty would apple still fix this problem or would I have to but apple care?

I'll call Apple and get a CS Code.


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Yep My husband has had this problem for months. so terrible. Went to apple and no luck even when I showed the video. They insisted it was a bad app.. Gave it up for $300 at version and went back to an android. Video I took is too long to show on this forum.

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