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Das März 2015 Update von Apples 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, Modell A1502, bietet fifth-generation Intel Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren der 5. Generation und führt den Force Touch Trackpad ein.

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metal casing bend, applying pressure on screen

in one way or another, my upper casing which covers the macbook retina screen has a bend in the corner.

This applies pressure on the screen, and it changes color in that specific corner.

Is it possible to take the bend out of this with some force, or do I need to take the whole screen apart so I can only apply pressure on the metal and than reassemble everything?

If I manually pull the screen a little backwards, the yellow glow is gone and the problem is solved...

See these pictures:



Any advice would be highly appreciated!


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Ouch! Sorry guy its time for a new display assembly ;-{

The problem here is unless you take the display off and then take it apart to just have the metal shell it won't be easy to bend the cover back without needing to press the tool across the glass which will damage the LCD or break it. These displays are not easy to take apart, and you'll likely damage the components in the process which are not available discreetly from Apple. You might be able to find a used display for less on eBay. Just be careful how you pay and make sure they offer a return policy.

Here is the IFIXIT guide you'll need to follow and the needed part:

MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Early 2015) Display Assembly Bild


MacBook Pro 13" Retina (Early 2015) Display Assembly


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Pieter-Jan, I would suggest disassembly is required as if you apply any pressure to the screen it will more thank likely crack. Once you have fixed the dent the problem should be fixed.

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I'm afraid of disassembling the screen, I have read the chance of breaking it is more than likely.

I was not planning to put pressure on the screen, just try to bend the metal behind the screen from the side?

but this would work indeed much better if the metal was loose from the screen itself....

And is the reassembly quite easy to do? I think it might be tricky as well with the rubber on the side, my guess is I won't be able to reassemble everything as Original...

experience with this?

thanks a lot for your comment!



If you are careful and follow the guide's you will be successful, you need the metal to be loose to have any success with this as if you apply any pressure while it is still assembled, to the bend the metal shell you will highly likely break the screen (even from the side).

The disassembly is not made easy but the process is quite straight forward, and as iFixit have the guide use it to help you, I have repaired a lot of varying device screens and if you keep it organised and are vary careful with it you can repair this fault.

If you are still worried about the potential of breaking it, you may need/want to take it to a repair vendor with experience in this model of device.


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