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Does anyone know a good brand of LCD/digitizer tester?

Hi everybody!

Given the price of smartphones LCDs/digitizers testers, and the fact that these toys are often "model specific", does anyone know a good Chinese manufacturer of these products and a place to competitively buy them?

I know that "X in 1" models exist, but it doesn't change the fact that they're sold on the mainstream websites at outrageously high prices. :(

Thank you very much for your answer and time!

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I know for a fact that ifixit sells them

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If you want to test iPhones, you can use an iPhone tester and it gives more accurate readings than a box tester. To transform an iPhone into a tester, one end of the tester flex cable is attached to the iPhone and the other end to the screen being tested.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you very much for your answers!


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