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The LG G Watch R is a Smartwatch manufactured by LG that includes many features of a Smartphone and a full-circle P-OLED display.

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The Watch won't exit safe mode.

The watch recently entered this safe mode state after I picked it up off the charger. When I noticed I turned the watch off to restart it only to find myself looking at the fastboot menu. I never seen/attempted to view this menu and had no idea what was happening, It was also flipping through the options quickly on its own, so I had to time the "start" option at the right moment, Once it rebooted up it was still in safe mode and was responding differently. I just really need to know what may have caused this problem and if it is fixable. Thank You and hope to hear from you soon.

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When you do a reboot by holding the side button in, at the LG screen swipe from 11 to 3 and when the fast boot menu comes up press the 0 at the bottom of the screen for a factory reset.

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