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First iteration of JBL's Pulse line of wireless, bluetooth speakers released in 2013. Unique to this speaker is its light array that "pulses" in rhythm with your music.

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JBL Pulse won't connect to the JBL Music App

My JBL Pulse docent connect to the JBL music app on iOS the pluse icon doest show up on android the pause wont connect though it is connected to bluetooth

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I have exact the same problem with

IOS 6.3.5 Iphone 6s and iPad mini

with Android i can connect, so its a JBL SW bug

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I have same problem with note 8 on android it connects to app initially then when I turn off speaker and go to use it again the app says it cannot find speaker although it's connected to my phone.. Very annoying I wish there was a way to change colors on the speaker itself


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I had the same problem did you tried to reinstall the app?

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