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RAM 1.47 GB Usable out of 4 GB, 2.5 GB Hardware reserved

It happened before long ago but it was suddenly fixed I don't know how, but I tried to switch the RAM (I have 2 sticks, 2GB each), I've tried MSConfig multiple times, I tried changing some registry values in RegEdit from a tutorial in Youtube.

From the information I got fromTask Manager, I can see that the

RAM Usable:1.5 GB(1.47GB)

Committed RAM:2.7 GB (don't know how or why)


Paged Pool (don't know what that is) : 119 MB

Non-paged pool : 44.8 MB

Hardware reserved : 2.5 GB

Now, I don't know exactly what caused this but I guess it's because my laptop fell down 2-4 times so far. I mean if that's what caused it, wouldn't my laptop just detect 1.47 GB instead of 4 GB but only 1.47 GB usable? If anyone knows how to fix it besides from buying/changing the RAM or the Laptop, please let me know thanks.

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@iurb put one stick in at a time see what kind of reading you get . If its a full 2 gb on each stick it means the sticks are not compatible in either there voltage or there timing. if you get a partial reading then that dimm is bad . Try the stick in each slot one at a time

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Some Questions first.

Are both RAM DIMM the same?

Maybe one is another protokoll (DDR3, DDR4,...) or they have different Mhz.

Please check this.

After that switch the RAM in the Sockets. put the one into the other and try again.

It is also possible that, when your Laptop fell down, one of the DIMM Sockets got brocken.

Check the pins from the DIMM Socket, probably you have to take out the Systemboard.

Hope we will get some information out that checks.


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Just not long ago I switched the RAM and both of them were DDR3


I'll try to check that again though


Ok so... 1 stick clearly states DDR3 it says 2GB DDR3 PC10600 on the top of the barcode that's a V-GEN stick on the other side there's another barcode sticker stating the same thing.

But the other stick (Samsung) just says DIMM and some code number or something I don't know and the on the other side, on the barcode sticker, it says 2GB 1Rx8 PC3-10600S-09-11-B2 and a bunch of barcode number, I think.


By the way, I'm sorry that it took me a long time to reply to your answer


no problem. can you try to switch them and start up again?


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