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An Android 4.4 smartphone released in August 2014.

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Phone won't connect to a certain wifi, wifi is working

Straight from the beginning when I first opened the phone, my home wifi wouldn't connect. I've put in the right password several times and even double checked with my internet provider that it was right. The wifi at my house is working on my other devices: ipod, laptop, as well as my siblings' devices. Also, my phone connects easily with wifi at other locations. But at home, when it tries to connect on my phone, it says: Authenticating, Connecting, Saved, Authenticating, then Authentication problem. I've tried forgeting the network and re-inputing the info, but without succes. I've done a soft reset and a hard reset. Also, my phone is a Blu Studio C 5+5 LTE, but it wouldn't let me choose that one.

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Can another device connect to your home network , does your wifi network have limits on how many devices can be connected, have you restarted Access point, router, modem etc, firewall blocking your Mac address ?

I'm asking to get these options out there. How old is your access point or what ever is assigning ip addresses ?

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