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Dritte Generation des Surface Pro Tablets ab 20.Juni 2014

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65W power charger or 36W?

I have a surface Pro 3 charger 36W charger crashes yesterday! found in Store Surface Pro 3 charger power 65W.

Is there a problem if I use 65W?

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@abdurrhman yes you can. Since the higher output charger only supplies up to 65Watts if your tablet will pull it. https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/.... Check charger values on here

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only if the charger is variable from 0-65w if 65 or above 35 then no is the correct answer for it a hobby shop with resisters that will have a volt and current hertz it's easy enough the person could assist and just your 35 watts are possible unless it is variable and just 35 or any under if over then it will burn up don't fool your-self and the computers charge stop inside could very well be needed to be replaced with all the right stuff on paper volts -current - herts and startup points and variable as possible so if it's important to you don't do it it will cause it to heat and then it's your adapter plug in from outlet to computer and so on with number of times try the charger start and stop points with the hobby shop > Volts should not be more than 2 volts more than battery with volts and current up above battery rated volts and current it will heat more volts than required will cause overheat so like every body maybe a special made with or with out guaranty. / factory made is always better

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