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Die Wi-Fi Version des iPad Air mit der Modellnummer A1474 ist in Space Grau und Silber erhältlich. Sie enthält einen A7 Prozessor und ist mit 16, 32, 64 oder 128 GB Speicherkapazität erhältlich.

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Home button zif connector lock broken

I recently cracked the glass screen on my ipad Air, and bought a new replacement part.

I had no trouble getting the screen off, except for an issue with the zif connector for the home button ribbon cable (the connector that sits just in the corner of where the screen cables are connected).

Apparently the ribbon cable is locked into place on the zif connector with a small plastic "lock" (can't remember the word for it), and it seems I accidentally broke that plastic piece off when disassembling my Ipad, so now i can't properly connect the home button of my new screen in place.

Is there anything i can do to fix it in place? I'd try some tape if it wasn't because the cable has to be firmly connected, and i doubt tape would do that :)

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