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Zweite Generation des WiFi iPads, erschienen am 11. März 2011. Modell Nummer A1395. Reparatur ist schwierig und verlangt Hitzezufuhr.

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Is the 3rd Time A Charm for our Ipad 2 A1395?

I made an attempt to change my kids Ipad 2 digitizer which he cracked rather than pay to have it done which runs around 100 bucks, on my first attempt I cracked the replacement,not sure when, all I know is the top was cracked after I got done installing it, on the second attempt I managed to install it without cracking it, but the ribbon that is supposed to get tucked in got bent too much and the Ipad wasn't fully responsive as is to be expected. I got it tucked in but after a bit it became totally unresponsive, I found out the ribbon was nicked so I think that's what did it. I have purchased both digitizers from reputable Ebay sellers, these are not OEM. So far I'm out around $25 bucks, I believe the 3rd time will be a charm but I have been reluctant to buy another non OEM screen since I understand the failure rate is higher, any thoughts other than don't DIY, which as I stated is not in the budget.


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Thanks so much for the reply I will do that.


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Hi Ken,

I would definitely recommend trying again using an OEM screen, the quality is far higher then aftermarket parts. You definitely need to be careful with the flex cables as they are quite easy to damage, make sure the cable is correctly tucked away as you set the screen use plastic tools wherever possible. Otherwise from the sounds of it your second repair was mostly successful so I think third time you should be fine and if you run into any other issues you should be able to find help on the forum.

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