Rplcd ignition switch. Now breaklights, turn sigs & hzrds are kaput.

Replaced ignition switch on 1992-1999 Chevrolet Suburban to fix functional electrical issues (blower, 4x4, check engine light).

It fixed those issues, but it may have inadvertently caused other electrical issues that were not present before the repair.

All three break lights do not turn on when break is pressed.

Turn signals do not click or turn on.

Hazards do not click or turn on.


When the hazard button is pressed, and there is no click or hazard lights, the turn signals flash AND click when you engage the turn signal.

Breaks lights do not function either way.

Fuses are intact, the relay next to the steering column is working.

Backup lights work.

The power mirrors do not work either, but we are unsure if this is related to the same issue, although the malfunction occurred after the switch replacement.

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