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1.6, 1.8, or 2 GHz G5 processor

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On startup only blue screen w/sm folder & finder icon in center

iMac G5 17" EMC No. 2055 early 2005

After powering on, this iMac only displays a blue screen with a small folder icon with the finder icon superimposed in the center of the screen. No startup chime. After a few minutes the fans kick on and don't stop. Sometimes (not often) the finder icon disappears and a question mark appears briefly before going back to the finder icon. What does this all mean?

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Looks like Traci may have the weekend off.

First remove the back and examine the cans (capacitors) for leakage and/ or swelling, if I remember there are 24 of them. Here's how to get the back off. Here's how: iMac G5 17" Model A1058 Rear Panel Replacement

To check the hard drive, boot up from your original system installation DVD or Retail 10,5 or 10.4 disk, by inserting the disk immediately after pressing the power button and holding down the "C" key down. Go to the second page, the pull down menus will appear. Go to Utilities> Disk Utility and run it on the drive.

If you don't have the disks you can use Target Mode with another Mac.

Let us know your findings.

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It is not recognizing the hard drive. Restart and press CMD + R as soon as you hear the chime and it should bring you to a disk utility screen. From here, you can do repairs, diagnose, and erase anything that you need.

OSX Recovery

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@kaniggit49 The maximum OS X for this machine is 10.5.8, There won't be a repair partition on that operating system. Think of how else Mary could get to Disk Utilities. Besides it may have more than one issue (there's no POST tone). What might that be? Are there known issues on this model. If this machine is to old for you to know, let me know and I'll answer it, but I'd rather you figure it out. You're doing great ;-) I changed the icon to the correct one so you can see the guides.



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