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motor running fast and barely pushing on gas

Yamaha g2 golf cart I recently rebuilt a motor for a cousin and the guy he bought it from turned it all the way up to make it faster than what it should've ran. Well it broke a valve and it went through the piston. I already got everything in the motor fixed up and put back together. Now I'm having problems with barely pushing the gas and the motor running full speed. I've adjusted the governor and Carb. Any idea of why the motor is running so fast and it's not getting enough gas as well. Any help?

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I used my head for about 45 minutes and they had taken the throttle cable and tightened it up so it would run wide open and past wide open. That's why it broke a valve because it couldnt catch up. I loostened it up and it started getting the gas it needed and running perfect. Thank you for the help though!


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@richy3 if you "adjusted the governor and Carb" properly I'd suggest you check the throttle cable and speed limiter adjustment.

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