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Business class notebook and mobile workstation released by HP in August of 2008. The laptop this guide is based off of is identified by the S/N CNU20937TQ.

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Can't install windows 7

My laptop was working very well but suddenly it stop turning on..it keeps restarting before it reach the windows logo ..i discover that the hard disk is damaged..so i buy a new hard disk(SSD SAMSUNG 850 EVO) but i can't install windows in it.

It keeps showing the download states bar for a long time..(the problem is not the SSD disk because i try in another hard disk and the same problem shows again.

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The minimum operating system for this model is MS Windows 7 Professional (64-bit).

Did you format the drive before trying to install the system?

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I got it brand new from Samsung..nothing is within it yet ..should I format?

So if I install ULTIMATE version it will work or not?


I don't know as I don't know how the drive shipped. I'd first install the system that shipped with the machine and see if it will upgrade.


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