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Modelle A1181 / 1,83, 2, 2,1, 2,16, 2,2, or 2,4 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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My internal display not working.screen, inverter, cables ok.

i have a black macbook 2.2 that suddenly went to a white screen while in use.. all i did was move the screen/tilt and it happened. still showed desktop on external monitor for a few minutes then external only showed extended desktop. have replaced the lvds cable, tried a working screen/inverter/lvds from another working mac: no avail. would the video card or another chip need to be reworked? swaped ram..nothing.. please help. thanks

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If the external monitor is working (I'm not sure what you mean by "extended desktop"), then there are only four things that can be fixed.

The Display Data Cable: MacBook Display Data Cable

The inverter: MacBook Display Inverter

Check to see if you can see the desktop by shining a flashlight on the screen at an angle.

The LCD: MacBook 13.3" Santa Rosa/Penryn Display Assembly

The Inverter Cable: Apple part # 922-8281: http://www.welovemacs.com/9228281.html

MacBook Display Inverter Bild


MacBook Display Inverter


MacBook 13.3" Santa Rosa/Penryn Display Assembly Bild


MacBook 13.3" Santa Rosa/Penryn Display Assembly


MacBook Display Data Cable Bild


MacBook Display Data Cable


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Before replacing the LCD, you might try to reset your SMC. It may work for you if you have already replaced the inverter and inverter cable.


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