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Why are there dead spots in my screen after replacement.

Hi there, My phone recently fell and i got it fixed. Unfortunately i brought it to someone who made a botch attempt at fixing it, long story short the keys u, n and j dont work. The screen also glitches out sometimes and opens up stuff randomly. So i decided enough was enough and brought it to a professional. He was very helpful and did a good job, i posted it too him but left my pass code on it and when i received it back he left a message saying he couldn't open it to check if it worked. After using the iPhone for a few minutes it was clear that all the old problems still remained. I contacted him and he said he would look at it. Has anyone on here got any suggestions

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It could be one of two things. Either the guy who reported your iPhone didn't connect the LCD flex cables to the board properly or the LCD is faulty and you need a replacement.

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but surely i could not get 2 faulty lcds in a row?


Check to see if the LCD and digitiser connectors on the LCD aren't damaged. There's a chance that whilst putting in a screen you could have damaged them.


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