Testing HDD Compatibility MA01ABF050 with MacBook Late2007

My Macbook 13 Inch Late 2007 had a flashing question mark and after all TS steps, i was informed that its the HDD that is dead. I used ifixit to know if i can find a HDD suitable for an obsolete macbook. After buying it from a local online store, i find that is does not gets inside the HDD case and the product is not compatible with the device. Am i doing something wrong or is the product not compatible. Kindly help.

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I just can't find information on that drive in English. I'd return it. You didn't tell us why it didn't fit. My first guess would be is that it's to fat, like 12mm. Stay with a 9.5 mm drive.

Go to the guide on the battery replacement. You didn't give enough information to positively identify your machine but it's probably this guide, see the relevant parts:

MacBook Core 2 Duo Hard Drive Replacement

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