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The second generation HTC One—dubbed the HTC One (M8)—features a dual flash and the new Sense 6 UI, and was released March 25, 2014.

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Changed battery and now phone vibrates constantly, why?

I just replaced my HTC One M8's battery and charging port. When I put the phone back together the screen remains blank. I can feel the device responding to touch but the backlight does not function now. I disabled the phone 2 more times thinking I had missed a connection but without good luck. The bad luck came on the 3rd attempt,, when I reconnected the battery lead to the battery the phone vibrates, constantly. I assume now there's a short in that circuit. Any ideas?

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Have you checked every ribbon connector that connects to the main board to see if they are damaged or ripped? It is also very easy to damage the small components on the main logic board when lifting up the ribbon cable clip for connecting the ribbon cables as they are right next to it.


Marcus, The very first shutdown started with a complete power off via the software, so yes. And the battery was the first item disconnected per the instructions. But at the end of the initial repair the backlight wouldn't come on. Unfortunately my employer has us encrypt the device so the very first screen that appears during ever power up cycle is the security code to enable the storage. Without a screen it's a hit or miss to do this blind and after a handful of failed attempts it'll wipe the device. What that means is I had to discount the power connector from the battery while the device was on for every shutdown afterwards, no choice.

Ben, I agree it's a tight fit to pull the main board out but I was as careful as I could be to avoid pulling anything in an unnatural manner to cause damage. I tried but who knows... Upon numerous examinations under a magnifying glass afterwards no visible damage can be found.



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Did you turn the phone off before disconnecting the battery? Did you disconnect anything else before disconnecting the battery? On some phones, disconnecting the LCD before disconnecting the battery burns a backlight filter or two, or even other components related to the LCD.

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I rarely turn phone off when unplugging HTC batteries.


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