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Das Nintendo Entertainment System (kurz NES, Modell NES-001) ist eine Spielekonsole des japanischen Herstellers Nintendo. Sie ist 1985 in Nordamerika, Brasilien, Europa, Asien und Australien erschienen.

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Clean rust from metal parts

I recently bought a NES and looks pretty well from the outside, but when I opened it up to check the 72 pin connector I saw some rust on the metal pieces that I want to clean up by the best way possible.

Any ideas please?


Block Image

Block Image

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@roadrunner11 sure it can be done, but do you really want to go that route. It looks like a simple EMI shiled, so leaving it would not cause any harm. If you want to clean it, I suggest a simple scouring pad, something that people use to clean their stoves, and gently swirl the pad across the shield. You do want to be using some puffs of compressed air after that, so as to clean any debris that has gotten onto the board. After all, you do not want to shortcircuit any components underneath the shield. It's best to remove the board for that.

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