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Das Xiaomi Mi 4 ist die vierte Generation von "Mi"-Smartphones der Xiaomi Technology Company und ist zum Zeitpunkt seines Erscheinens mit der neuesten Smartphone-Technologie ausgestattet.

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Xiaomi Mi4 in Recovery Mode loop & no connection with PC

Hi! I’d be extremely thankful to hear your thoughts on this case.

I’ve got a Xiaomi Mi4 in a recovery mode loop (Mi Recovery 2.0.1) that can’t enter Fastboot mode and can’t get connected to a PC to get flashed. There is no SD card slot for this model to upload a ROM (update.zip in this case) on or it would be a cake.


- phone was dropped from the 5th floor. Everything works properly (getting calls, messages) except for the LCD touch and the VOL UP button.

- out of warranty so ordered a spare LCD. I have experience fixing 15+ different phones with the same issue successfully.

- while getting the battery out carefully following a YT video while disconnected from the circuit board and all the other components the battery pack started heating quickly and smoking. Most importantly, it was disconnected from everything when this happened. I was using plastic tools when removing it but it could still be caused by sloppiness.

- ordered a spare battery

- ordered a spare power/volume control unit (not received yet)

- got new LCD and installed it. When booted (both holding power button or vol(-) + power button or vol(+)+power button) the phone goes to Mi Recovery 2.0.1

- wiped all data using Mi Recovery but still can’t boot to MIUI or Fastboot

- phone is charging when the micro USB is plugged into a power source.

This gets us to the next logical step – flash a new ROM:

- got Mi PC Suite to flash but can’t connect

- got Mi Flash Tool but it can’t find a device

- got ADB/Fastboot but it doesn’t find a device with "all devices" in command line

- got the phone charged to 100% as advised by a YoutTube video but nothing changes.

Next logical step – find drivers and try different PCs. Those are the drivers I installed on 2 laptops with Win 7 Pro and Win 8, as there was no notification of a new device in Device Manager. I have always restarted PC with Disable Driver Signature Enforcement option:

- Minimal ADB Fastboot

- official Xiaomi Mi4 drivers for Windows

- Samsung Android drivers

- Qualcomm Hs Usb Qdloader 9008 Com3 Driver

- OEM USB Drivers

I have also tried:

- removing the ‘Disconnect power from USB ports while not in use’ feature in Device Manager

- Adding a device using Devices and printers (PC can’t find anything)

- having the device both turned off and in Recovery Mode while plugging to the PC.

Last hope: getting the volume/power button unit replaced so I can get to Fastboot while holding VolUp and Power, but that doesn’t help the case where it’s not recognized by the PC.


Update (07/15/2016)


To anyone with the same issue: I've replaced the volume key and it worked. Took me to FASTBOOT mode (Bunny fixing logo). I still can't connect to the PC. But I got to MiRecovery and to Wipe All Data> Reboot > Reboot to System One. Now I'm at MIUI7 start screen.

Block Image

Waiting on new LCD so I can setup the phone and update the thread.

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hi all, i also have been facing the same problem as my bottle had spilled in my bag and may have damaged my redmi 5a. i am desperate as my phone has gone into recovery mode when i tried to force restart it when the power and volume buttons did not work. my redmi 5a is unable to open and thus cannot remove the volume buttons. the volume up buttons would not work no matter how many times i press it. please everyone im in desperate need of help and do not want my parents to find out about this. thank you all.


I have exactly the same problem! I rebooted my Xiaomi Mi4 onto FASTBOOT Mode but it doesn't connect to my Computer.

Please help!


problem my phone no loge in


My Xiaomi is stuck in fastboot mode. At first I was successifull in rebooting it buy long pressing the power button together with the VOL+ button. Now I am stuck with the same problem and long pressing the power and VOL+ buttons isnt working anymore. How do I fix this problem?


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No software issues. I didn't realize everything was due to the faulty volume button. No VOL- means I couldn't get to FASTBOOT and back to MIUI. Phone is as new. At least I'm a pro at booting now :P

If you have the same issue, make sure you can get to FASTBOOT. If you can't, it could possibly be due to hardware issues - in my case it was the VOL(-) button that wasn't working. Power + VOL(+) brings you to Recovery mode, Power + VOL(-) to FASTBOOT.

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Yes its a Hardware issue and not a software, this continuous loops of restarting or going into recovery is happening because of faulty power on/Volume UP down buttons. Either replace them or carefully remove them and clean with pressurized alcohol and it will start working again as a new.


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Dear friends even i was facing the same problem in which the phone was in continuous loop of restarting, then the phone started to directly go into recovery mode and kept on doing it in loops, i figure out it was due to faulty power/Vol+/Vol- buttons. Actualy due to heavy rains water had seep into my phone and entered the Voulme/Power on buttons and started to corrode it. But instead of replacing the buttons, i carefully removed it from the phone and thoroughly cleaned it with pressurized Alcohol can. Now the button works fine and i am able to go to the home screen and use the phone as normal.

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Check whether new screen specification are same as broken screen or whether new screen is compatible with your redmi mobile.

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You can use Mi flash Tool to Flash Firmware on you Mi4. If you forget your Mi Cloud account then you can use Mi account Unlock Tool to unlock it.

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Open the phone and disconnect the power button strip and see if your phone reboots…..in my case and most of the time this is stuck power button….mine happened after rain water entered my phone….after drying the phone it started but the pier button was stuck and it kept on rebooting the phone.

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