MacBook Pro Retina late 2012 overheating


My MacBook Pro retina A1425 (late 2012) model is overheating a lot.

By just browsing the internet it shows 42 Celsius. And while using a tool or app it is raising to 55 Celsius, and above 60 Celsius it shuts down completely.

I am using SMCFanControl to fix this problem, but it is not always helping.

Is it normal for a MacBook Pro retina to shutdown at 70 Celsius?

There is no water damage at all, and it is still the original MacBook pro retina.

btw. I already put a new thermal paste but that is also not helping.

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It shuts also down when running apple hardware test.

I can feel the heat from the body of the macbook.


Have you ever had any vide issues?


No never had a video issue.


I still have the same problem, what can I also try?


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