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Repair guides and support for the Expedition, a full-size SUV based on Ford's F-150 pickup truck. Closely related to the Lincoln Navigator.

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Why can't I get power to my fuel pump

I have checked the fuses and relays for the fuel pump and it still don't turn on

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Can you tell us how you've checked the fuse & relay? What equipment do you have available? The power for the pump comes through the Fuel Pump Relay. Can you tell us what voltage you have on each pin on the relay, please? The pins should be numbered on the relay itself. Do you have battery voltage on one side of the relay switch & not the other side? If so & the coil is still good & you cannot hear / feel the relay clicking on crank & the wiring is good (check for breaks as well as shorts to other wires / chassis), then it's likely the engine computer isn't switching the relay in. Trace the pin through to an smd transistor or mosfet & change it or just get another compatible unit from the wreckers (usually quite cheap).

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under passenger side dash the panel next to the door there's a fuel pump shut off switch in case of accidents on the top is a red reset button, check that.

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This can happen when power is going to the fuel pump relay. The relay wires are grounded on two wires. Electrical wiring issues can be a nightmare if you don’t have the appropriate wiring diagrams to see which wires goes where. If you have a multimeter, you can check the wire continuity from the pump and fuse block to the relay and all other associated wiring. A mechanic, such as one from Eurobahn BMW MINI Mercedes-Benz Audi, will help you diagnose the fuel pump’s loss of power.

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