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Repair guides for the variations of the Compaq Presario CQ62 laptop. This brand was manufactured from 1993 to 2013, and was owned by HP from 2002 to 2013.

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Don't remember my password and have. No disc

''italic text I can't remember my password and when I try to change it it tells me I need a disc and I don't have one

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I have the unsolvable problem, the Grandfather of all unsolvable problems.

I would bet my next 5 years tax returns that Bill Gates wouldn't have clue 1 on how to fix my problem! I can tell within the first few words of any expert tech person that it's not going to work because I have heard them all and nobody has a clue . Any takers. ?


Terry Thomas nobody on here cares about Bill Gates or his tax returns! I can tell within the first few words if somebody is seriously asking for advice or not. I have heard it all. You got two choices on here. State your computers problem or continue your riddles.


I have the same problem. Disable code 53405685


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Try to do a factory reset, get to the BIOS menu (click esc as fast as you can right after you click the power button) and then click F11. Follow the instructions.

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Well Sir, just added your answer to the junk pile and as I stated everytime , it just goes back to the anger your password screen. It going to go back to that everytime I try sometime until the end of time it I take a sledgehammer to it which ever comes first. I do appreciate any efforts on anybody's part. The sarcasm is the end result of reading countless how to fix answers and nothing and I mean nothing can rid this f**king demon out of its new home, my metal box tower! Any other challengers. ?


Terry Thomas do you have a virus?


Did U ever get this fixed mate? I'm trying to reset laptop now. It's driving me crazy!


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