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SSD upgrade with SAMSUMG 950PRO

Right now, I know OWC can provide the SSD upgrade.

I just have a question, dose common SAMSUMG 950PRO M.2 PCIe3.0 x4 SSD fit for the upgrade in the mid 2014 rmbp?

Can anyone make a confirmation of this? Many thanks.

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Sorry it's a square peg round hole problem ;-{

Samsung makes the Apple SSD to Apple's specs which uses a different connector configuration than the Samsung 950 M.2 SSD.

This MacBook Pro series uses a 4 lane PCIe interface unlike the older models which use a 2 lane PCIe so you do need to be careful on what you get otherwise you won't get the throughput you're expecting.

Bottom line you either need a real Apple SSD of the right version or OWC's SSD.

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As far as I know, this Macbook Pro uses a 2 lan PCLe and SAMSUMG 950PRO provides 4 lans PCLe, I wonder whether it is possible to only occupy 2 lanes.

Based on informal information from my friend, it comes from the problem of length of SSD.


Your Right! I messed up its the Early 2015 model that intro'ed the 4 lane PCIe SSD.

In any case the Samsung 950 Pro will not physically fit. Here's a pic of the Apple unit: Apple SSD and here's the Samsung: 950 Pro SSD. You'll need to zoom in on the Apple SSD to really see it the interface slot is almost in the middle unlike the Samsung unit.


It is clear for me. Thanks for the help.


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